Tips and Tricks for Fifa Ultimate Team 18

- Take a couple of minutes to think about the purchase edition. The standard is sufficient for most players. The more advanced allows you to play only 3 days in advance and receive some of the terrains that add very little to your team. 
- If you have an active access EA you will be able to play FIFA 18 on
21 September. Use the 10 hours of play with moderation and control to be released from that game when you're not playing. 
- Do not forget to redeem every gift that EA is in the first few days. Every day you lose is a pack in the less you get. 
- Complete the Task Manager as soon as possible. You never know when your lucky day is going to be.
- If you do not have problems to spend real money, buy Points in FIFA as they are released. They are much more valuable than the first few days, as the market tends to depreciate in the long run. 
- If you do not have enough experience with FIFA, Hack FIFA 18 look at the guides in the game, read the guides online, practice in the area and complete all skill games. 
- Even if you are an experienced FIFA player, please keep the boards active during your first games. It can be useful for learning new moves. 
- It applies the object of 99 contracts in a player, it's great that you are not thinking of selling in the coming weeks.
- Buy all the objects that the player available in the EAS FC catalog and use them. 
- Buy all objects from the chip acceleration before you start playing the games. You can not lose coins in the first few days. 
- Talk to your friends and facts about the EAS FC product offer and do the same for them. Both pay 50% less. 
- As a babble available, buy enough managers to reach the 50% bonus and pay the lowest price possible for them.
- Use the Concept of Fusilamiento for the plan of your team, instead of doing it in an outside builder. 
- Do not focus on building a strong team on the first day. Build a team from the media where players can be used as substitutes or reserve in their team for the final. 
- Choose the players according to their statistics (not the grade), their location, team building, and chemistry. 

- Players with better physical stats. Their prices are always those that rise faster.
- He concentrated on building a single team. At first, you will have to spend all your resources on what is strictly necessary. Other equipment and other items can be purchased in the future. 
- I am all you have, and build a team from scratch. Be persistent and do not throw objects that can be sold at a higher price. You can also use the articles to be sent to the first available SBC. 
- Use all player contracts that are not transferable. 
- Keep the market simple: buy low, sell high. Works with all cards. And it's just a matter of time and patience.
- To play, knowing that prices will go up. Just a couple of weeks later. 
- Pay attention to the market, especially in the hours with great traffic in the launch dates. Many players will open packages and sell unwanted cards at great prices. 
- Do not invest everything you have. Keep some coins aside. FIFA 18 Ultimate team hack The deal comes when you least expect it. 
- If you have a very good player in the pack, wait a couple of days to monetize.
- Do not spend the coins in the purchase of packages. The chances of getting something very important, are very limited. 
- Do not buy SI cards. Put off. You have a lot of normal cards from the first try. 
- Play the first game on a low difficulty, and I think, to adapt to the new style of play. If you think you're better than your opponents, FIFA 18 Cheat tool hack the direct game of the clashes to get good press. 
- If you feel safe, play the League on the weekend. It is the game mode with the best of rewards.
- Yeah, started playing FUT 18 in the middle of the season, we expect TOTY or TOTS weeks to buy the players you want. Prices will be much lower. 
- Never give up. Ruin your DNF and you will receive fewer coins at the end of each battle.


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