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How to win at Fortnite? Tricks and tips

Fortnite is the new game from the developer Epic Games that comes to completely change the way we understand the Battle Royale . It is a game mode all against all where there is a maximum of 100 people, although there are also other options such as playing in pairs or with a squad of 4 players. Click below the section you would like to investigate:
What is a Battle Royale game?The essential of this type of games is the confrontation all against all, that is, the last one wins. To this is added that there is a limited time and an area that is progressively smaller as we progress through the game. This type of games also have survival elements such as weapons, traps, shields .... These are appearing on the map in a random way that incorporate a plus to this type of video game. It has rained a lot since this type of games began to develop to the popularity that today PUGB or Fortnite can have. However, where it started to popularize was with the Minecraft mods, however the Fortnite Battle …